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A dental implant is a small titanium (biocompatible material) screw that replaces a tooth’s natural root. By means of different prosthetic components the crown or definite bridge is made; this restores chewing and enhances the physical appearance of the patient.

Dental implants are indicated for people who have lost one or several teeth due to different problems; the only problem could be the lack of bone or another clinical circumstance that would make implant positioning impossible.

Because its advanced design protects soft tissue, favors the implant’s natural emergence, provides support for the prosthesis, and simulates the morphology of the natural tooth. Very aesthetic and functional results are obtained; you will recover your smile and quality of life.

You will feel more secure and confident, you will be able to laugh again and lose all your worries with a perfect mouth just as before, you will chew and enjoy food without fear of your removable denture moving or falling, you will also recover your phonetics with the restoration of your teeth, and you will experience the pleasure of smiling once again.

With periodic care and check-ups with your dentist, the durability of the implants is the same as for your natural teeth. Implant-recovered teeth will look like your own because the aim of implantology is not only to recover functionality but aesthetics also plays a fundamental role in the patient’s comfort and self-esteem. The results will surprise you.

No. There is no pain during implant preparation or insertion; there might only be some discomfort that will be relieved by your doctor.

You should look after your implant regularly following your doctor’s recommendations as if it were your natural teeth