Manufactured with heavy-duty material, Teetanium® drills are definite to each implant dimension. Their leading-edge geometry guarantees an exceptional cutting performance. The complete arrangement of drills is laser-marked and has a corresponding adjustable depth stop to ensure a controllable and proper implant bed depth. Improved perceptibility is safeguarded by the matted exterior of the drills that inhibits any light reflection. A harmonized color-coded sequence of the drilling protocol for both straight and conical implants in one surgical cassette.

Up to 35Ncm adjustable and lockable torque wrench. Mechanical and manual Implant insertion options. Taps for final implant bed preparation in hard bone class 1 and 2.

The teetanium® Surgical kit includes:

  • Surgical Drills shared for both implant shapes in a single box

  • 3 Depth indicators

  • Screwdrivers: 2 manual drivers, 1 driver for contra-angle and 2 drivers for wrench

  • First Surgical Drills with adjustable stoppers

  • Short and long manual adapters, in addition to a mechanical one

  • Torque wrench for implant manual insertion and Prosthetic torque application