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Medibrex is a leading producer and worldwide distributor of a comprehensive Dental Implant system. The Medibrex products help dental professionals to serve patients’ oral health care for generations to come. Teetanium by Medibrex is the result of an in-depth and wide range of researches and studies that will serve the general public. At Medibrex we pride ourselves in tailoring our services to the needs of our valuable customers by providing them consistent precision instruments, targeted tools and exclusive components. The Teetanium® wide range of products and solutions are characterized by an ideal number of system components that are practically easy and efficient. The criteria of the Teetanium® conical and straight implants allow both the dental professionals and the patients to enjoy the benefits of the system. Medibrex parent company, Librex Holding, Inc., founded in 1987, designs, develops, manufactures and markets healthcare and home purification products, operating in more than 48 countries around the world.

Simplicity & Perfection
Behind the teetanium® Prelude

Medibrex ensures the teetanium users the quality and the innovation they demand to effectuate the solutions of the most complex issues they face with clinically proven procedures. Medibrex has the power to make long-term investments in products’ development, steadily expand its distribution network and continuously maintain high volumes of inventory to provide its customers with adequate and customized service that is rarely matched in the medical industry. Medibrex aims to deliver to the healthcare community products that enhance the quality of life and provide functional and financial value. We’ll provide more broad-based solutions that address causes, not just symptoms. Medibrex products will be in your neighborhood and all around the world. We will continue to provide the teetanium patients with the care they deserve regardless of how hard the industry challenges get. Medibrex team of experts follows up with clinicians who work on the front line to further understand the barriers, they encounter and meet their needs with evidence-based solutions. To achieve the dual goals of enhanced outcomes with saved time and cost, we study the critical clinical issues in order to design and test practical and adequate solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build High Quality Innovative products, create a worldwide network of Distributors, support our Distributors and develop a lasting business relation.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a better future for all Medibrex Network by gaining the trust of thousands of clinicians worldwide to count on our comprehensive line of products to deliver successful patient outcomes.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives are to constantly deliver the best quality service and scientifically-proven products that improve patient care, to satisfy our valued customers and surpass their expectations, and to ensure compliance to governmental, safety and environmental regulations.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy & Added Values are helping others build a better life, Transparency, Honesty, Quality, Long Term Business Relation and success.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to reach through the ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management System the satisfactory business results whereby Medibrex can sustain a high level of Distributors, Customers and its Staff’s performance.

Our Team

The Medibrex division is managed by professionals with vast years’ of experience in the implant industry, medical research, quality production, and the global direct marketing and direct sales. Since 1987, the combined experience of the Holding company was carried over to the Medibrex division and team to ensure that only high quality product, reliability, innovation and simplicity are delivered to practitioners and patients alike.
To ensure quality, safety and reliability, the Medibrex team of research, innovation, development and production were all subject to the regulation of quality assurance system under the EN/ISO 13485 standard, at every stage of the process and operation.
The EN/ISO 13485 standard tackles in details all the mandatory norms that any company must meet to obtain the quality assurance system, including the complete business operations and the parameters to sustain the required standards that regularly dental implants, medical products and devices are obliged to meet.
The Medibrex Team of researchers, engineers, biochemists and Dentists who undergone the ISO process have regarded the product performance and patient safety at the highest level, this team consisting of over 8 professionals each in his/her respective field, with a broad international experience and knowledge from Canada, Spain and Greece.
Leaving no chance to luck, every Teetanium Implant and related accessory undergoes the strictest safety and quality control check by the quality management team through the various production stages, 100% at a time. Fundamentally, every piece produced by our highly trained factory team goes through an internal and external audit before being packaged and delivered to our valuable clients.
Our Team of Experts thrives undisputedly to make a difference in the world of Dentistry. Creating products for the future, Today! The team is diverse, engaged, and extremely passionate about dentistry. From sales and marketing, to clinical education, or research and development, they are actively engaged in today’s dental industry.

Teetanium’s state-of-the-art production facility in Spain. Each teetanium is produced under the strictest quality control.

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