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COVID-19 Solutions

PLASTIVY offers different solutions for COVID-19 sample collection and handling from collection tubes to Nasopharyngeal swabs.
● Micropipette filtered tips
● Conical tubes, 15 ml (used in centrifugation, sample storage and molecular biology)
● Test tubes, 10 ml (screw cap, flat bottom, plain)
● Nasopharyngeal swabs

NEW Filter Tips

PLASTIVY proudly announce the launch of the new micropipette filter tips for PCR!
Sterile, in rack, DNase and RNase free. These tips work on universal micropipettes and they are now available in 3 sizes!
- 10-100 μl
- 20-200 μl
- 100-1000 μl

Pipetting Samples


Visit PLASTIVY virtual booth in the Smart Medical Fair and check our products!
Browse through our solutions, our team is ready to answer all your inquiries!

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